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system integration


data management

Utilizing the power of technologies requires financial services companies to overcome complex system integration and data management challenges, both within the organization’s own walls, and with its external partners, regulators, and customers. Further one of the biggest challenges today is managing the complexity by making use of the extensive data pools that are available within the company.

The integration and data management specialists of alphra partners are helping our clients to manage the complexity inherent with technology and solve business challenges through the integration of technology  as discrete services or comprehensive solutions.

We at alphra partners can help you to make your integration successful and to uncover the hidden potential within your data.


OUR CORE COMPETENCIES (non-exhaustive)

  • Complex application development – in-depth business analysis & architecture design ability provides deep level analysis that is both scalable and cost effective

  • Complex migration management – building on a well-proven, scalable, software supported framework to enable a controlled migration process

  • Complex system integration – Deep understanding of functional processes and technology environments (eg. Finnova, Murex, Simcorp)

  • Outsourcing & vendor selection – we help you to take the right decisions through our extensive integration knowledge of key technology platforms and service providers across many services and products








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