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operating strategy

Operations is the backbone within today's banking landscape. At the same time it is the weak point within most financial services organi-zations. Our financial services clients are often being challenged with complex, inflexible product-centric, legacy architecture while having to compete in more and more segments with competition from innovative technology companies and start-ups offering streamlined services and having superior processing infrastructure. In a low-margin-environment this means a struggle for survival and only those can compete having operational excellence.

We help our clients to become operational stars by aligning their operating model to their business strategy and financial targets by identifying, quantifying and prioritizing efficiency opportunities through our in-depth operations and industry expertise.


OUR CORE COMPETENCIES (non-exhaustive)

  • Target operating model 2.0 – delivering excellence in designing your target operating model to enable flawless processing and to reduce the future overall cost base

  • Unleashing hidden efficiencies – overcoming challenges within operations by applying a holistic and thought-through operational strategy to balance cost reduction with efforts to address regulatory compliance and to enhance the customer experience

  • Operational excellence check – Conducting business unit readiness checks to properly align the organisation’s internal departments and readiness preparation, including process definition for core functional areas







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