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digital strategy

The very basic principles and economics of banking have not changed but there has been a profound shift in the way in which clients wish to conduct their banking business.

Throughout the last years customer expectations of what is 'banking' have changed drastically. Omni-channel, AI, machine learning, Blockchain, robo advisory, sentiment based analysis are terms that have hit the market in tremendous speed. In the coming years we will see the biggest disruptions in financial services since the invention of the internet.

Banks have to rethink their business models to take advantage of the opportunities emerging in the digital era.

We at alphra partners can help you to take advantage of the opportunities of technology and therefore increasing your customer loyalty and levering your profitability.


OUR CORE COMPETENCIES (non-exhaustive)


  • Customer experience and customer centric strategy – we assess, analyze and build strategies for our customers to address markets, market-ing, sales, service and online interactions

  • Conquering changing market dynamics – Banks must start disrupting themselves and creating new options for growth outside of their core business. We assist you to build up or adapt your digital business model to arm you and your business to tackle the challenges ahead

  • Data analytics and customer centric intelligence – getting the most out of your data pool to make better and informed decisions and finally to better understand the drivers making your business and client base grow








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