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Business & Regulatory Strategy

In the golden age of high margins, growth and risk appetite the focus on a thought through business strategy has languished. Since the financial turmoil in 2008 financial services institutions find themselves in a situation where a coherent business strategy is a matter of survival. The situation is aggravated by the fact that regulators have imposed significant challenges on most professional market participants within financial services throughout the last years.

The team of alphra partners will work with you as an intermediary to enable a successful transition into the new brave world of banking. We will bring newest market insights and will be the catalyst that allows ideas to emerge, and will assist in their fine-tuning and tailoring. Further, our activities will be focused on fostering your organization.


OUR CORE COMPETENCIES (non-exhaustive)

  • Growth & business model innovation – we excel your in-house innovation potential to transform your business model, including where and how you compete, in order to spur growth, provide differentiation and increase competitiveness.

  • Product and pricing strategy – we help you to define which products and services you want to offer to utilize your resources efficiently, to position yourself in the pole position and finally to drive top-line revenue growth

  • Regulatory strategy –  advising you to effectively handling your regulatory strategy by having a clear framework on how you engage effectively with governments, regulators, and other external stakeholders



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